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For many folks who hire us, mediocrity is not an option from the quality of the paint we use to the experience level of painters we hire. This is why we take extra care to make our services as strong as possible while also keeping them affordable for our customers. If you’re on the fence about whether we’re the right painters for you, we’re happy to provide more information below and have one of our team members speak with you over the phone to set your mind at ease.

Who Are The Best Painters in Geelong?

For businesses, homeowners, and industrial building owners in Geelong, it doesn’t get much better than our five-star services at Shore Finish. While we understand how seriously you take the process of choosing a house painter, we’ve got plenty of five-star reviews that show that our customers always leave our services satisfied. When you own a house, business, or other building, a great paint job can make or break how others view the structure. After all, paint provides people who visit with an idea of how well you maintain your space and how much pride you take in keeping the place updated.

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The Services We Offer

When you think of “painting,” images of famous art pieces hung in museums may flood your mind. While we don’t paint works like the Mona Lisa, we do pride ourselves in offering high-quality painting services for commercial and residential buildings. Whether you’re considering selling your starter home or you’re bringing your dream business to life, services like exterior repaints, interior repaints, and home renovation painting may serve you well. Thankfully, our team offers a range of services for homeowners, commercial facility owners, and more to spruce up their facilities before they start receiving guests or showing stakeholders their business location. In addition to painting, we offer plastering, scaffolding, color matching, and more.


One of the main reasons why a homeowner or renter may call a house painter in Geelong would be because they need the inside or outside of their home repainted. If you’re a renter who’s nearing the end of your lease, you can save time and money by hiring us to repaint the interior or exterior of your rental unit if your lease requires it. As a landlord, you can count on us to make units sparkle for new tenants and encourage potential tenants to choose your properties if you have us paint the inside and outside of your properties so they look fresh and fabulous.

When you want to sell your home, our team can help by painting every inch of your property to entice potential buyers to put in an offer. A fresh coat of paint can do wonders to make all the other hard work you’ve done like renovating bathrooms or kitchens stand out. It can also make your home look clean and well-maintained, which is a priority for most homeowners and home buyers on the market.

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Commercial Painting

From storefronts to commercial facilities, we’ve made plenty of local commercial locations pop with a fresh coat of paint. If you’re in the process of opening a business but don’t have a business location yet, feel free to call us for a quote for our commercial services to see how we can fit into your budget. We can also help you match colors for the interior and exterior of the facility or storefront so that they match your current color scheme for your brand and catch the eyes of potential clients or customers.

Industrial Painting

When you own a facility in an industry, you’ll need every detail–including the paint you use–to follow the industry’s standards and regulations. If you choose our team to help you paint your industrial facility, we’ll work with you to combine function and fashion. Even industrial spaces can contribute to your company’s image and brand identity with the right color choices.

Our Recent Projects:

Some of our recent projects include gorgeous interior residential repaints, exterior residential repaints, and painting outdoor entertaining spaces for residents. We’ve also had the privilege of painting for local businesses. Some of these businesses include Sartori’s Mechanical Services and Geelong Hydraulic Hose.


With more than a century of combined experience, our team is more than qualified to tackle even the most complicated paint jobs. We like to think we’ve seen it all in painting, but we’re always happy to take on a challenge. If you have a complex painting project, you can speak with one of our team members to see how we can problem solve the issue and give you a finished product that surpasses what you could imagine.

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Request a quote

At Shore Finish, we ensure that our services are affordable to our community. Still, we can’t give an estimate for a project until we speak with you. For a quote, call our team today!


Who are the closest painters near me?

If you need a house painter in Geelong, Shore Finish is nearest to you. We’re also accessible to the Bellarine and Surf Coast regions. If you’re not sure if we’re close enough to work with you, feel free to contact us.

Is scaffolding necessary in an exterior painting project?

For most exterior paint projects, scaffolding is necessary. This is because it allows painters to move freely. Unlike ladders, scaffolding remains safe, mobile, and steady until the project is done.

How much is the cost of painting services in Victoria, Australia?

Depending on the size of the project, the cost of materials, and the experience of the painters, painting services in Victoria, Australia can vary in cost. If you’re looking to hire professional Australian painters for an interior repaint, you may expect to pay about $20-$50 per square meter* (guide only, changes based on products used). A smaller job may be less expensive while a larger, more intensive job may be more expensive.

How do I know when it is time to repaint my home in Geelong?

While everyone has different opinions about when it’s time to repaint a home, there are a few telltale signs that you’re home needs an exterior or interior repaint. If you notice that the paint in the home or on the exterior is peeling or faded, it may be time for a repaint. You can also tell that it’s time to repaint an area of the home if it’s been renovated or damaged by the elements recently. If you want to change the color of an element of the home, it’s a good enough reason to schedule a repaint.

Which painters have a 5-star review average in Geelong? 

Shore Finish has an average review of 5 stars in Geelong. With this impressive track record, you can trust our team to get the job right the first time. We value quality paint jobs, exceptional painters, and strong customer service to give our customers a stellar experience.

What sheen of paint is good for my house?

This depends on where is being painted. The interior of the home typically looks stylish with a low sheen. For the exterior, we typically recommend a flat finish. However, if you request a free quote we’ll talk you through the best options for your home.